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Underground home bunkers & security shelters

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Our home underground bunkers and shelters are ideal solution for Your own and Your family security.

These days, security of our families is very important and quite difficult to obtain.Now we can offer our newest production - home bunkers and survival shelters for Your family or company.

We can provide different models of our bunkers thanks modular structure. We can also extend later basic bunker or shelter into special system of several bunkers or even tunnels.

All our bunker's systems contain:

  • ventilation systems connected wit solar, PV systems
  • hot water installation
  • composting toilets, showers, water tanks
  • AC systems
  • TV/radio/Internet systems
  • water / air filtration systems
  • grow & storage rooms
We can add also bullet proof covers or special issolations against frost and rust. Our bunkers can be shipped worldwide including installation and assembly services. 
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