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Minigolf courses miniaturgolf eqipment

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Miniature golf or minigolf is very popular game during summer days. It is popular among hotels and holiday resorts becouse it provide a lot of fun for children and adults.

Minigolf  is played on courses consisting of a series of holes (usually a multiple of 9) similar to its parent, but characterized by their short length.Our courses have mostly 6 m length and 0,9 m wide.

We use geometric layout which requiring non-traditional putting lines such as bank shots, and artificial obstacles such as tunnels/tubes, ramps, different concrete/metal/fiberglass forms.

Our courses are produced mostly from fiberglass and metal sheets covered with carpets.We can produce also surfaces with a colored polyurethane coating.

Minigolf courses with green carpet
  • Minigolf courses with green carpet
  • Miniatur golf course
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